The Truth About Elephants in Thailand

An absolutely important piece on ethical tourism; it’s a topic I would shout from the rooftops.


This post came about during my recent trip to Thailand. I had originally thought that maybe riding is okay. So many people do it, so how can it be bad? These animals are huge and strong. Boy was I wrong. Wrong on a huge level. As we traveled throughout Thailand we learned more and more about the torture these poor animals go through from either the first time they are captured or born to every single ride they provide. What surprised me is that most of the information we got were from tourists. I wanted to write something that truly educated people about this type of tourism, especially since I hear all the time that riding an elephant is on everyone’s bucket list, wish list or do before you die list.

This is how the elephants at most “sanctuaries” are contained. Chains. Elephants in the wild roam up to 30…

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